Techno Care Institute (TCI), Thoubal

Authorize Study Center of CCERT (INMN869)

Techno Care Institute (TCI), Thoubal is an authorize study center of Council of Computer Education Research & Training (Regd.) in Thoubal, MN, INDIA.

Council of Computer Education Research & Training (Regd.) was established in 2011 under S.R Act & Working under it's own constitution & Bye Laws to assure & promote the quality in the Computer Education.

The council provides training in the fields of Computer & Information Technology, issue certificates & registration to pass out candidates. The Council Affiliate the institution & issue guidelines itself to regulate Computer Education.

The Council complies ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Course Offred

Code Name Eligibility
ACCA Advance Certificate in Computer Application 10th
ADCA Advance Diploma in Computer Application 12
ADIT Advance Diploma in Information & Technology 10
ASTP Advanced Spreadsheet Training Program 10th
CALC Computerised Accounting Literacy Course 10th
CCA Certificate in Computer Application (Basic) 10
CCAD Certificate In Computer Added Design 10+2
CCAI Certificate In Computer Accountancy & Internet 10
CCAT Certificate in Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting 10
CCHN Diploma In Computer Hardware & Networking 10
CCPI Certificate in Computing and Peripherals Installation 10th
CCPL Certificate in C Programming Language 10th
CCPP Certificate in C++ Core 10+2
CCT Certificate In Computer Typing (English & Regional) 10
CCTE Certificate in Computer Typing (English) 10th
CCTH Certificate in Computer Typing (Hindi) 10th
CCTP Certificate in Computer Typing (Punjabi) 10th
CDBMS-Or Certificate in Database Management System - Oracle 12
CDM Certificate In Digital Marketing 10th
CDTP Certificate In Desktop Publication (DTP) 10
CES Certificate In English Speaking 10th
CJSE Certificate in Java SE Core 10+2
CKDT Certificate In Knitwear Design Technology 10+2
CLP Computer Literacy Program no needs
CNAT Certificate in Networking & Troubleshooting 10
CPHP Certificate in PHP 10+2
CVNET Certificate in vb.NET 10+2
CWDH Certificate In Website Designing 10th
DCA Diploma In Computer Application 10
DCAF Diploma In Computerized Accounting And Finance 12th
DCP Diploma In Computer Programming 10
DCTT Diploma in Computer Teacher Training 12
DDM Diploma In Digital Marketing 12th
DFD Diploma in Fashion Designing 10th
DWDH Diploma In Website Designing & Hosting 12
FAC Financial Accounting Course 10th
FCA Fundamental of Computerised Accounting 10th
ITCSM IT Communication & Social Media Program no needs
PGDCA Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application


Techno Care Institute (TCI), Thoubal
MI Road, Thoubal Mayai Leirak (Nongangkhong)
Thoubal, MN, 795138
Contact Person: Ak Subhashchandra Singh

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